Positive Paws Dog Training

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, Puppy Kindergarten ~ Puppies up to 4 Months:  

The most important period of a dog’s life is puppy hood.  This class is designed to point puppies in the right direction.  The class focuses on “puppy problems,” socialization and manners.  Basic commands, such as Sit, Down,  Come, and Loose Leash Walking are introduced. 

  • To be announced

Canine Good Citizen:  

The purpose of  Canine Good Citizen is to ensure that your favorite  companion is a respected member of the community by being trained and conditioned to act mannerly  in the home, in public places, and in the presence of other dogs. 

  • To be announced

Elementary Level ~ Beginner Level Training for Dogs of Any Age:  

This class is structured to train the young or adult dog to be a well-behaved household pet.  Basic commands, such as Sit, Down, Come and a Foundation Stay are taught.  Common behavior issues,  such as jumping,  are addressed,  as well as  as well as walking on a loose leash walking and dealing with every day activities. 

  • Wednesday at 5 pm
  • Thursdays at 7pm 


High School Level ~ Intermediate Level Training (Prerequisite: Elementary Level):

This class is for dogs that have attended the beginner level training class.  This class strengthens basic control and focuses on gaining more control around distractions.  Off-leash exercises, recalls from distractions and formal stays are also covered. 

  • Thursdays at 6pm

K-9 College Level ~ Advanced Level Training (Prerequisite: High School Level):  

This class is for dogs that have attended the intermediate level training class.  Distance commands, stays and continued recall work as well as off-leash work are emphasized.

  • Wednesday starting January 31st at 7 pm