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Waiver, Assumption of risk and Agreement to hold harmless:

I understand that attendance of a dog obedience class is not without risk to myself, members of my family or guests who may attend, or my dog, because some of the dogs to which I (we) will be exposed may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury even when handled with the greatest amount of care.

    I hereby waive and release Positive Paws Training School, its employees, owners and agents from any and all liability of any nature, for injury or damage which I or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but not without limitation, any injury or damage resulting from the action of any dog, and I expressly assume the risk of any such damage or injury while attending any training session or other function of the School, or while on the training grounds or surrounding area thereto.

    In consideration of and as inducement to acceptance of my application for training membership in this obedience training class, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless this School, its employees, owners and agents from any and all claims, or claims by any member of my family or any other person accompanying me to any training session or function of the School or while on the grounds or the surrounding area thereto as a result of any action by any dog, including my own.  

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