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About the Visiting Pet Program
The Positive Paws Visiting Pet Program is a non-profit, volunteer program.  The program consists of approximately thirty volunteers with a common goal of sharing their pets with others. 

The program holds classes and workshops to prepare volunteers for their certification and visiting. All of our active volunteers have undergone training and are registered with the Pet Partners.

Once the volunteers and their pets are trained and certified, they attend meetings where Therapy Visits and Events are scheduled.  Our volunteers give back to the community by sharing their well-mannered, certified pets with people who love animals but are unable to have their own.

Our volunteers regularly express how rewarding it is to share the affection of their pets to help bring smiles to faces and joy into hearts of others.

Positive Paws Dog Training

Interested in becoming a pet partner?

E-MAIL us to set up a pre-screening appointment.

A new class will begin May 22nd at 7 pm

About the Visiting Pet Partners
All of the Visiting Pet Partners volunteer their time and their pets to the program and to those it serves.  All of our volunteers and their pets go through a prescreening and training program and then go on to become certified.  All Pet Partners are certified through Pet Partners before they start visiting.

Our Mission
The goal of our program is to continue to train and prepare volunteers and the safest animals to visit people in our community. We hope to continue to increase the number of certified pet partners and be available to serve more facilities in Dutchess County as well as other neighboring counties.

About the Pets
The Visiting Pet Program as well as the Pet Partners, accepts most pets over 1 year of age. Pets that are accepted are dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters & other "pocket" pets, horses, goats, etc.

Every pet must be pre-screened for temperament and sociability before it can begin it's training. 

Visiting Pet Requirements

  • All pets must be at least one year old to evaluate with the Pet Partners.
  • All pets must have NO history of aggression.
  • All pets must be pre-screened for the Visiting Pet Program.
  • Dogs, cats, horses, goats, rabbits, birds and other pocket pets can all be Visiting Pets.
  • Pets should attend a Visiting Pet Training Class after their pre-screening.